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The Federated Garden Clubs of New York State, Inc., was founded in 1924 and incorporated in 1930 for the purpose of supporting the Garden Clubs of New York State. The FGCNYS presently includes more than 181 garden clubs with 6045 members across the state.

Membership in the Federated Garden Clubs of New York State, Inc. offers garden club members the opportunity and privilege of participating with others in advancing and promoting the objectives and purposes for which the State Federation was formed:

Plant America: Pollinator Gardens in New York and Beyond

Below are our districts. Click on any link to find yours.
292 Washington Ave. Ext. Suite 104, Albany, NY 12203-6385
518-869-6311    [email protected]
Welcome to the Federated Garden Clubs of NY State!
Office News
Donna Sessa, FGCNYS President 2023-2025
Office: 292 Washington Ave. Ext. Suite 104 Albany, NY 12203-6385
Office Manager Anne Smith
The office is open Monday - Thursday  8 am - 11 am- NOTE NEW HOURS
Closed Fridays    

Charter Member: National Garden Clubs, Inc.
A non-profit educational organization, the membership of NGC is composed of 5,602 member garden clubs with 178,946 members in the fifty states. In addition, there are 654 international affiliates, making NGC the largest volunteer gardening organization in the world.

Member: Central Atlantic Region of State Garden Clubs, Inc.
FGCNYS is affiliated with the Central Atlantic Region of State Garden Clubs, Inc.

The National Gardener, the official publication of our national organization is now free on their website. You can find it here:
Keeping in Touch, online NGC publication

Many schools are taking place around the country by ZOOM. You can sit in your pj's and take courses. Go to the NGC website for all schools and locations: gardenclub.org

Board Members
All information for board members: registration, dates, forms, minutes, etc. will be located on the Directory page, which is password protected. Contact Barbara Campbell if you do not have the password. Board Meetings will be posted on the website as they are approved by the FGCNYS Board. 

Officers and Dates for YEARBOOKS (2023-2025)
NGC President: Brenda Moore 
[email protected]
Need to communicate with NGC President other than email, please contact headquarters.

CAR Director: Monica Hansen 
21 Henning Dr
Orchard Park, NY 14127-2816
[email protected]

FGCNYS President Donna Sessa
PO Box 1482
Quogue, NY 119-59-1482
[email protected]
Donna Sessa President FGCNYS
Join us in celebrating FGCNYS Centennial  1924 -2024
Photos from CAR Conference on "News" page
Watch for Upcoming Events to celebrate!
Polly Pollinator created by Lovejoy Duryea
The USDA has upgraded its plant hardiness map for the first time since 2012. Go to planthardiness.ars.usda.gov/
Lucille Bauer, Chairman World Gardening is pleased to announce the following contributions this past year to World Gardening. She want to thank everyone for their support of our continued projects.
Total Collected $12,727.38
Dig Deep $8501.78
Water for South Sudan $4225.60
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FGCNYS Board Meeting 
Tuesday May 7, 2024
 8:00 am-8:50am